Emerging Talent Shorts


Emerging Talent Shorts 2018

SFTN is awarding short film production funding to Emerging Talent on a rolling basis. This programme is designed to run in conjunction with the First Feature Development programme and aimed at emerging Scottish Talent who would benefit from making another short before embarking on their first feature.

Emerging Talent Shorts is aimed specifically at filmmakers who have made funded work that has had positive attention from the industry and/or public. SFTN will work with you to identify how any support, funding or skills development could progress you to a stage where you are ready to move forward with your first feature film.

The short may or may not relate directly to a feature idea, but it must in some way demonstrate a strategic approach towards your progression as a filmmaker.

As with all our programmes, we’d love to hear from you as soon as possible so we can work out whether this is the right one for you and, if not, how best we can support you. Get in contact with the SFTN Team.

Please note this fund is now closed for 2018/19. We anticipate it will open again in April 2019.