Scottish Shorts Spotlight – RESURFACE & SPORES

Day 5 and the final instalment for the week. Today is the turn for the teams behind RESURFACE and SPORES to offer further information about themselves and their projects.

Writer/Director - Michael Crumley & Producer - Sam Ferguson

Writer/Director – Michael Crumley & Producer – Sam Ferguson

Both Michael and Sam graduated from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland where they first began working together.

Michael won a BAFTA New Talent award for his graduation film HANNAH for Best Writer, along with three Royal Television Society Awards including the National Award for Undergraduate Fiction. The film was a great success and went on to play at festivals in Glasgow, Edinburgh, York, London and LA.

Sam also earned a BAFTA New Talent nomination for Best Writer for his graduation film ONE NEW MESSAGE. He gained a position at one of Scotland’s leading production companies, Sigma Films, where he went on to produce their latest short film ENDING, which is currently in post production.

Together, Michael and Sam have been developing their latest short film RESURFACE, which looks at the story of a married couple who’s relationship begins to reach breaking point as they discover the truth of their daughters disappearance 16 years ago.


Producer - Martin Conaghan, Writer - Frances Poet & Director - Richard Poet

Producer – Martin Conaghan, Writer – Frances Poet & Director – Richard Poet

A darkly comic family drama about a 60th birthday that goes horribly wrong when the hostess cooks up deadly wild mushrooms. With feuding sisters at it’s heart, SPORES explores the things that poison us against each other.

“A pal of ours once made us a three course meal in which every ingredient was locally foraged. His hands were red-raw from washing the nettles for the soup (without gloves) and his search for wild garlic had left him vomiting in a heap. We survived the experience unharmed but the seed of an idea was born.

We didn’t think it was a project we would be able to take on for ages (without selling a kidney) so it’s a buzz to receive development support from the SFTN and a chance of getting the film funded.”

Richard and Frances Poet’s debut short film THE THINGS THAT ARE IMPORTANT TO US was screened last year. For SPORES they are joined by producer Martin Conaghan.

Director Richard’s background is in editing (PANORAMA, LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION) and VFX Editing (THE DARK KNIGHT, CHILDREN OF MEN).

Frances also writes for theatre and radio and has over a decade of experience working in theatres across the UK as a dramaturg and Literary Manager.

Martin Conaghan has worked for the BBC since 1999 as a producer and journalist on various award- winning documentaries (RANGERS: THE MEN WHO SOLD THE JERSEYS, SINS OF OUR FATHERS) and is also a published graphic novelist.