Scottish Shorts 2017 – 20 Projects Shortlisted

Shortlisted Scottish Shorts 2017







Scottish Film Talent Network (SFTN) is delighted to announce the 20 projects shortlisted for the Scottish Shorts 2017 programme.

The selected teams will participate in a series of development workshops throughout July 2017 before pitching to an industry panel comprising of representatives from the Centre for the Moving Image, DigiCult, Hopscotch Films and Creative Scotland.

Six projects will then be selected for production with individual budgets of £15,000. Shortlisted films range in genre and include drama, sci-fi, psychological thriller, animation and comedy.

The filmmakers and projects selected for Scottish Shorts 2017 are:

    Writer: Lisa Clarkson; Director: Alex Koukias-Pantelis; Producer: Laura McBride
  • BLINK (Drama)
    Writer/Director: Eric Romero
  • BUNNY (Psychological Drama)
    Writer/Director: Shaun Hughes
  • DATING EVE (Comedy)
    Writer/Director: Elia Ballesteros
  • DUG (Animation)
    Writer: Sean Mulvenna; Director: Ross Hogg; Producer: Iain Gardner
  • HIM (Drama)
    Writer/Director: Neil Boyle
  • I WAS HERE (Black Comedy/Drama)
    Writer: Morna Pearson
  • IN THE FALL (Drama)
    Writer/Director: Tom Gentle
  • JACK (Fantasy/Drama)
    Writer/Director: Tom van den Hurk
  • LILI’S ROOM (Psychological Thriller)
    Writer/Director: Lucas Chih Peng Kao
    Writer: Michael Richardson; Producer: Siobhan Fahey
  • NARGES (Drama)
    Writer/Director: Maryam Hamidi
  • NINE WEEKS (Comedy/Drama)
    Writer/Director: Gillian Roger Park; Producer: Jennifer Corcoran
  • PARASITE (Psychological Drama)
    Writer/Director: Bryan Ferguson
  • SAM’S OCTOPUS (Animation)
    Writer/Director: Kate Charter
  • SCOUTSTOUN SYNDROME (Black Comedy/Drama)
    Writer/Director: Joe Carter
  • SLINGSHOT (Drama)
    Co-Writer(s): Mandy Lee and Claire Nicol; Director: Robin Haig; Producer: Lindsay McGee
  • STARTING OVER (Black Comedy/Drama)
    Writer/Director: Russell Davidson; Producer: Afolabi Kuti
  • TREADING WATER (Drama/Sci-Fi)
    Writer/Director: Josefa Celestin; Co-Writer: Max Barth; Producer: Margarita Veberaite
  • WIDDERSHINS (Animation/Sci-Fi)
    Writer/Director: Simon Biggs

The previous Scottish Shorts programme commissioned six short films that are screening at Edinburgh International Film Festival this month. Tickets for this screening are available from the EIFF website.