Scottish Shorts 2015 – Six Commissioned Films Announced

SFTN_TwitterSFTN is delighted to announce the six short films commissioned for the new talent Scottish Shorts 2015 programme.




The six projects are:

  • CROWMAN (Drama)

    Writer/Director: Duncan Nicoll; Producer: John Fairfield
    A dark rite of passage set in a dying rural landscape where survival is a struggle and contact with the locals leads only to conflict and brutality.
  • DAVE (Animation)
    Writer: Chris Watson; Director(s): Chris Watson & Garry Marshall;
    Producer(s): Rhona Drummond & Victoria Watson

    A little boy zombie is forced into an unknown world when his home, friends and family are destroyed in a terrible storm.
  • GRIMM STREET (Drama)
    Writer: Emma Lennox; Director: Siri Rodnes; Producer: Jill Pryde

    With the big bad wolf scratching at her door, a dying girl learns how to rewrite her fairy tale ending.
  • NO PLACE LIKE HOME (Animation)
    Writer/Director: Cat Bruce; Producer: Neil Jack

    Under threat of imminent eviction from her countryside home, a self-reliant woman struggles to preserve her way of life.
  • SPORES (Comedy/Drama)
    Writer: Frances Poet; Director: Richard Poet; Producer: Martin Conaghan

    A 60th birthday gathering goes horribly wrong when the hostess serves her sister and their husbands deadly wild mushrooms. Spores is a darkly comic family drama exploring the things that poison us against each other.
  • THE RAT KING (Horror)
    Writer: John Gibb; Director: Pavel Shepan; Producer: Bianca Herold
    An anxious mother-to-be must confront a sinister presence in her new home and the growing cracks in her marriage.

The full press release can be found here.